Toys of My Childhood
Toys of My Childhood V

The spotlight toy for today will be…

Melanie’s Mall!

Photo Courtesy of .:Lelahel:. from Flickr.

Melanie’s Mall was kind of a cross between Barbies and Polly Pockets. Melanie was probably half of Barbie’s height with moldable limbs and hair you could style very minimally.

They sold different playsets but all were extensions of the original mall. They literally hooked together and created a massive mall. There was a food court, beauty salon, ice skating rink, music store, wedding dress shop, beach store, and a ton more. Those are just a few of what I had. The only unfortunate thing was that the boy dolls that came with it were stiff and could not be molded in any way. I guess they were just meant as accessories. ;)

Here’s a YouTube clip of the commercial that drove my mom crazy, but I sang it all the time! >

I know that my mom still has all of my Melanie’s Mall toys and maybe if I go back home someday, I’ll be able to get those back and take pictures of them before donating them.

As always, I want to know what you played with as a kid. Just reply to this post with one or all of your favorite childhood toys!