Toys of My Childhood


Source: Buzzfeed

This is INCREDIBLE! I totally forgot about Encarta Maze! I loved that one! And of course, Oregon trail. 

This is my favorite Little Lulu episode EVER. Man, I miss this show. 

Toys R Us Halloween Commercial! 

This came out in 1980, which is actually before my time but it is kinda creepy! Were all Halloween costumes that terrible back then? Haha!

Reblog if you LOVED ring pops, even if it did make your fingers all sticky. :)

This is what Littlest Pet Shop pets are SUPPOSED to look like. I loved these little pets!

Miniatures have always fascinated me and I remember getting my first ever Littlest Pet Shop pet when I was almost 3. It was 1991. My little brother was just born and I was in the hospital with my family and my grandparents gave me the Chameleon. It was a simple little green lizard, but if you squeezed him, the heat from your fingers would change his dark green color to a bright, almost-yellow green. 

And thus began my collection of nearly every single one of the pets they made. 

"I’d like to get my hands on that game!" 


Cool Tools! 

My little brother was OBSESSED with these. For Christmas every year he’d pretty much only ask for tools or rocks or sticks because he’d much rather be outside playing than have anything to do with indoor toys. 

I remember when he got these tools he “fixed” EVERYTHING in the house. He didn’t realize that they were just toys and didn’t do anything at all. But he kept that belt on his hip and carried that tool box around like he was on top of the world.