Toys of My Childhood
Toys of My Childhood IV

Who didn’t love to build stuff as a kid? I know that I most certainly did. I especially loved building things that worked together in some way or provided some function. Sure, it was nice to build a Lego tower, but if it didn’t really do much, I kinda got bored after awhile.

So that’s where this toy came in…

Marble Run!

Marble Run was a toy/game that contained many plastic pieces of different sizes and shapes which all fit together in almost any way imaginable. I remember my brother and I just dumping out the box and then grabbing at our favorite pieces to see who could make not only the biggest tower, but the one that did the most cool stuff!

You would drop a marble in one of the pieces at the top of the tower and based on your your connectivity, the marble would drop, spin, glide, and jump through your maze until finally reaching the end.

Many yelps, sighs of disappointment, and cheers fill my memories of these toys. When we would get too tired or bored with the game, one of us would “accidentally” knock the other’s tower over and then it would be like WWIII in there.

There’s an awesome photo I found of a Marble-filled Marble run taken by photocillin on Flickr.

As always, I’d love to hear about your childhood memories!

So, what was one of your favorite toys as a kid?