Toys of My Childhood

Got a toy or something fun from your childhood you want to submit for all of Tumblr to reminisce over? Submit it by just clicking the link!

This is my favorite Little Lulu episode EVER. Man, I miss this show. 

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Thank you so much for stumbling upon my little blog. I post videos, photos, and other things that remind me of my childhood - mainly of the toy and TV show variety. 

I was born in the late ’80s and was a child of the ’90s, so if you remember any toys, TV shows, or ANYTHING of that era that you would like to post or suggest, please let me know!

Thanks again for following and don’t ever forget to keep your childhood close at heart. 


(Embedding is disabled, but click on the link to see it on YouTube!) 

SUCH a ridiculous commercial, but SUCH an awesome toy!

I totally had the Koala that flashes near the end of the video. LOVED it so much.

Did you ever have a Giga-Pet?

Cool Tools! 

My little brother was OBSESSED with these. For Christmas every year he’d pretty much only ask for tools or rocks or sticks because he’d much rather be outside playing than have anything to do with indoor toys. 

I remember when he got these tools he “fixed” EVERYTHING in the house. He didn’t realize that they were just toys and didn’t do anything at all. But he kept that belt on his hip and carried that tool box around like he was on top of the world. 


If you carry your childhood with you, you never become older.
Tom Stoppard (British Playwright, 1937)