Toys of My Childhood
Pinocchio - The Board Game

My little brother and I used to play this board game for hours at a time. Basically, you start out as one of the Pinocchio figurines and your goal is to make it through the same perilous journey that Pinocchio does in the movie to become a real boy. The game is “3-D” designed because the board itself has places where you put the various decorations and characters that Pinocchio interacts with.

The hardest part to get past was Monstro, the whale. Monstro was at the very end of Pinocchio’s winding trail and you had to roll/spin the EXACT color to get out of his mouth, otherwise he would eat you and you’d have to go back a significant number of spaces.

The only downfall to this game was the flimsy-ness of the pieces. The little pop-up-book-style board pieces were wonderfully cute, but made out of cardboard so my brother and I ended up using Skotch tape to keep some of the pieces together.

Overall - a wonderful game with lots of fun memories for me.

Did you ever play the Pinocchio Board Game? If so, what do you remember about it? If not, what was one of your favorite board games as a child?