Toys of My Childhood

Rainbow Art

"Let’s have a Play-Doh Party!"

Play-Doh was one of my FAVORITE things as a child. Between the play sets, the different colors and sizes… you could do anything with Play-Doh! Mold, sculpt, cut, slice… anything! (But don’t eat the stuff… gross!)

My mom used to tell my brother and I, “Don’t leave the lids off because if it all dries up, I am not buying you anymore!” … and she stuck by it. Between colors getting mixed together and us just leaving the open jars lying around, it would dry out in a couple of days. 

So, mom would make Play-Doh for us! It was something involving flour and water and food coloring and while it was fun, it was no Play-Doh!

There are tons of different Play-Doh sets… which one(s) did you have?

"Jumpin’ up and down like a kangaroo!"

Moon Shoes! 

I never had moon shoes, but I remember jumping up and down when I would see the commercials for them. I’d always beg for them, even though looking back, I don’t think I’d ever play with them. (Thanks, mom!)

I remember an episode of Barney, I think, where they sort of made shoes with shoeboxes and rubber bands… But how did it hold all of their weight! I know I wouldn’t have been able to do it. 

Did you have Moon Shoes?