Toys of My Childhood

Lisa Frank was the BEST!

This is what Littlest Pet Shop pets are SUPPOSED to look like. I loved these little pets!

Miniatures have always fascinated me and I remember getting my first ever Littlest Pet Shop pet when I was almost 3. It was 1991. My little brother was just born and I was in the hospital with my family and my grandparents gave me the Chameleon. It was a simple little green lizard, but if you squeezed him, the heat from your fingers would change his dark green color to a bright, almost-yellow green. 

And thus began my collection of nearly every single one of the pets they made. 

Pet Doctor Barbie!

What little girl doesn’t like animals… and Barbies!? You can’t really tell in the commercial, but Barbie’s pants had pawprints on them, which is just too cute.

I loved the little pet bed and the animals sounds it made. I’ve never been much of a cat person, so I played with the dog a lot more, but I loved the little cast for the animals’ leg and the stethoscope. Just too cute.