Toys of My Childhood

It didn’t matter that all the baked good tasted of plastic. Man, I thought I was SO cool cooking in my Easy Bake. :)

I'm going through your blog , & I keep going "^GASP* OMG YES!!!" lmao, I haave half these toys STILL in my grammas basement :D

Haha! Yessss!!! Sometimes I wish I could just have a whole room in my house full of toys from my kid-dom… :D 

I loved that it made sounds and lit up. I’d always have “girl getaways” in mine… lol

Baby All Gone :)

Barbie’s Baby Sister Kelly

I LOVED this… Her little things were even smaller than Barbie’s. I was fascinated. 

Polly Pocket!

(Turn your volume up.) 

What’s inside your Nestle Magic? (Later called Wonderball)